How can we make online content accessible to this majority of people, who either live in a country with no internet access or suffering cenzorship? How can we make sure to reach people without the Internet? These are questions which Wikimedia CH hast taken upon.By supporting projects like OpenZIM or Kiwix, WMCH makes free online available content accessible to people who are offline.

SwissGLAMour is a Wikimedia CH program targetting better accessibility of Swiss heritage and public sector data on Wikimedia Platforms like Wiki Source, Wikimedia Commons or Wikipedia. GLAM stands for institutions like Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. It's the aim of WMCH to collaborate with these institutions to make their content easy accessible. Therefore we aim to establish long-term partnerships. In the past we've collaborated with the Federal Archives in Bern, the Central Library of Zurich and Solothurn as well as many other institutions.

In 2014, two Wikipedians in Residence are acitve in the National Library in Bern. They are focusing on establishing processes to enable the National Library to make their numerous and multifaceted content accessible on Wikimedia Projects.

The LabisALp is a scientific center of research focused in the study of Alps. It is composed by a committee of researchers and teachers from different countries (Switzerland, Italy, France, etc.). They have contacted Wikimedia CH in order to donate their scientific articles published in their review in different languages (German, French and Italian and some minors in Rumantsch). It is now the target to make these valuable documents and sources available on Wikimedia Projects.

To enrich content in Wikimedia Projects, Wikimedia CH is planning to host different photographic contests like "Wiki loves Earth" or "Wiki loves Heritage" and to establish partnerships with interesting institutions in the field of "Alps" throughout the year 2014.

On one hand, Wikimedia CH is building a bridge with Swiss Universities by sponsoring or doing work of digitalization on collection of high scientific interest and high historical interest about swiss science. On the other hand Wikimedia CH wants to improve its reach into Swiss Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences to improve quality in Wikimedia projects.

If you are a teacher, lecturer or professor at an institution of the higher education sector - and want your student's to learn more about Wikipedia and it's sister project - get in touch with us via We're very much looking forward to collaborate with you.

Who are we?

Wikimedia CH - Association for the advancement of free knowledge is a non-profit association aimed to support the free dissemination of knowledge in Switzerland, including projects hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, of which the free encyclopedia Wikipedia , the multimedia database Wikimedia Commons , the collection of educational texts Wikibooks , the news portal Wikinews , the collection of quotations Wikiquote or the collection of books Wikisource .


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