Title Status Project manager Description
Community Support running Ilario Valdelli & Muriel Staub Support for the community and like-minded institutions
Creative commons Training
Education Projects Charles Andrès Building bridge with swiss universities and academic world
GLAM Cooperations running Rupert Thurner SwissGLAMour is a Wikimedia CH program targetting better accessibility of Swiss heritage and public sector data.
Hackathon 2014 running Manuel Schneider The next Wikimedia annual development community meet-up in Zürich. May 9th - 11th, 2014
Selection and digitalization of essential bibliography of Alps Projects Ilario Valdelli Donation of scientific articles published in the review of the Association (except the last years)
Share your Knowledge running Enriching Wikipedia with contents and knowledge on European heritage and African culture found in Switzerland
The Alps Projects Ilario Valdelli Donation of LabisAlp scientific articles published in their review in different languages (German, French and Italian and some minors in Rumantsch)
Wikimedia Mali running Emmanuel Engelhart Support build up communities in Africa
Wikipedia without Internet running Emmanuel Engelhart Majority of humans still have a bad access or not access at all to Internet. These people, often in less economical developed countries need, maybe more than everyone else, solution to access educational material. By granting projects like OpenZIM or Kiwix, WMCH amkes online available free content available to offline people.