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European cultural institutions share their knowledge on African culture on Wikipedia.

The project aims at:

  • Enriching Wikipedia with contents and knowledge on European heritage and African culture, thanks to the collaboration of cultural institutions and the participation of citizens.
  • Contributing to the definition of European heritage and citizenship in a inclusive and inter-cultural way. The project fosters intercultural-dialogue in Europe through its methodology based on sharing contents and working collaboratively and through its focus on African knowledge.
  • Implementing an innovative methodology to reinforce the work of European cultural institutions through Creative Commons and Wikipedia.

Timeframe e link

By November 2011: Wikimedia Switzerland sends a letter of support for the project. By December 2011: full list of the Swiss institutions participating in the project.

At the moment we are contacting or planning to contact

  • Switzerland Universität Basel / Ethnologisches Seminar
  • Musée Barbier-Mueller Genève
  • MEG Musée d'Ethnographie de Genève
  • Musée d'ethnographie Neuchâtel
  • Museo delle Culture Lugano
  • Contemporary African Art Collection (CAAC).

January 2011: starting date. Wikimedia publishes a general description of the project in its website and informs its members. Uploads on Wikipedia by the tutors. By May 2012: checking guidelines on GLAM pages (checking that the guidelines are updated and that the Swiss specific procedures and needs are included - in all relavant languages) May 2012: presentation of the project to the European commission. May 2012: Wikimedia Switzerland updates its members and communicates about the contents made available by the Swiss cultural institutions (images and texts in PD or CC BY-SA) November/December 2012: Wikimedia Switzerland updates its members and communicates about the project results.

Expected output

  • Involvement of 2 Swiss cultural institutions which contribute to Wikipedia with documentation related to Africa.
  • Swiss contribution in producing 30.000 African contents on Wikipedia by the end of 2012.


Within the project Share Your African Knowledge Wikimedia Switzerland does not receive any money and it is not requested that the association contributes with money.

Eventually though, if you would like to reinformce your participation here are some hints.

  • Travel and accommodation for Swiss volunteers to visit, meet and collaborate with the cultural institutions involved 500-1000 CHF
  • Support for wikipedian in residency 3000 CHF per each volunteer (2 volunteers total 6000 CHF)
  • Final publication which invites Swiss cultural institutions to contribute to Wikipedia with examples of successful stories. Printing costs 2000 CHF; editing 5000 CHF. I think it's work to work on such thing with a university (maybe SUPSI)