Wikimedia CH – Association for the advancement of free knowledge


Wikimedia CH is an officially recognized non-profit organization and the official Swiss Chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation.

We exist and promote the free dissemination of knowledge in Switzerland, and support the many volunteers which make it happen. As such, we can teach you how to edit Wikipedia, the free online Encyclopedia, as well as its many sister projects, like Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata.

Wikimedia CH was founded on 14 May 2006 and was officially recognized as a national chapter by the Wikimedia Foundation in 2007. We nevertheless remain a financially and legally independent entity, obeying Swiss rules and leadership. Wikimedia CH does not host any of the projects of the Wikimedia Foundation and has no special publishing rights on them.


The idea to establish a Swiss Wikimedia association occurred independently to Michael Bimmler and Nando Stöcklin on one hand, and Rupert Thurner and Gerold Zeilinger on the other in the Spring/Summer of 2005. To exchange ideas, a meeting of Wikipedians was held in November 2005, after which official bylaws were written and translated, and Mailinglist and a wiki were set up.

Wikimedia CH was officially born on May 14th, 2006, and the first Wikipedia Day took place a month later. Negotiations then started with the Foundation so as to become a local payment processor able to offer a tax-exempt status to donations meant to support Wikipedia and its sister projects.


Simply put, we want a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. As far as Switzerland is concerned, we have defined four strategic axes for our action:

  • Support volunteers who give their time and share their knowledge, for example through the lending of high-quality equipment and the attribution of grants;
  • Support content, encouraging cultural institutions to free their collections onto Wikimedia projects, just like the National Archives and the National Library;
  • Develop tools, such as Kiwix, to allow people to access this content no matter where they are;
  • Reach out to the public, the press, and anyone curious about free content, wikis and the Wikimedia projects. We give conferences and organize trainings to prepare the next generation of Wikimedians.