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Mauro Cassina Board member Mauro Cassina (TI)

Member of the board
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Dorian Credé

Dorian Credé (ZH)

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Michael Gasser Board member

Michael Gasser (ZH)

Member of the board
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Bagawathram Maheswaran

Bagawathram Maheswaran (BE)

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Frédéric Schütz Board member

Frédéric Schütz (VD)

Vice-President & press contact French-speaking Switzerland
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Muriel StaubMuriel Staub (ZH)

Member of the board
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Jenny Ebermann CEO

Jenny Ebermann (VD)

Executive Director

Debora Lopomo (ZH)

GLAM Program & Partnership Manager
(Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums)

UL in Groot Constantia_kl

Ulrich Lantermann (AG)

Community Liaison for German-speaking Switzerland

Flor Méchain (VD)

Community Liaison for French-speaking Switzerland

Ilario Valdelli

Ilario Valdelli (TI)

Community Liaison & press contact for Italian-speaking Switzerland

carina laqbayli

Carina Laqbayli (VD)

Outreach & Program Communication Manager

Sabine Ray (VD)

Manager Admin / HR / Finances

Marie-Louise Cognard (VD)

Finance and HR Officer