Newsletter September 2015

Hurray, our September issue is online.
The Highlight of this month:

The University Library of Basel has, in collaboration with the Wikipedian in Residence, Micha Rieser, completed the upload of a total of 557 digitized maps, ranging from the 16th until the end of the 18th century. The data is accessible in high resolution files on Commons in the category „UB Basel Maps“. Most of the uploaded maps are still uncategorized, if there are any volunteers motivated. Among these maps, there are some curiosities, such as the splendid specimen of the  oldest available city-map of Paris. This map was created by Olivier Truschet and Germain Hoyau around the year 1550. You may also come across a completely preserved exemplary of the world-map of 1569 from Gerhard Mercator. Furthermore we stumble across the oldest canton-map from the Valais (1545) from Sebastian Münster, the Swiss Map (1560) of Aegidius Tschudi and the oldest area-map of Jos Murer, dated 1568.
The upload of these old and rare maps is one among several projects which the University Library of Basel is implementing in collaboration with Wikimedia CH. Furthermore the University Library of Basel also plans to write biographies about the printers of Basel. The complete list of projects is curated on the following project-page in Wikipedia. And the entire collection of maps is available on Wikimedia Commons.