Mauro Cassina

Mauro has been involved in the Wikimedia movement since 2007. After having attended various meetups, supported the community with his main hobby, photography, and been one of the judges of several Wikipedia photo contests, he joined the Board of Wikimedia CH as a member in 2013 and represents the Board since then in the microgrant Committee.

Born in Lugano, Mauro started working very early as an electrical technician for big companies around Switzerland. He then lived in Langenthal, Basel and Llanz before coming back to Lugano, where he started as a technician for AIL, the electricity, water and gas supplier for the city. He quickly became Head of the Customer Care and of the billing department and is now a Key Account Manager dealing with alternative energies.

Mauro also inherited a typical restaurant called “grotto” that he is currently running with his family. As he will retire in the coming years, Mauro already thinks to devote himself more to his passions, including photography, and the access to the free knowledge.