Demonstrations against the new European copyright law

On March 23rd 2019, the Swiss Pirate Party and countless partners of the campaign will launch an international call for demonstrations against the new European copyright law. In Switzerland too, an event is being prepared in Zurich on Saturday at 1.30 pm. Wikimedia CH supports the campaign and invites the community to participate in this event.

In the European Parliament, negotiations on the “Directive on Copyright in the Digital Internal Market” are almost complete. This copyright will massively change the Internet as we know it. Almost 5 million citizens have therefore signed a petition against this directive and the final vote in the European Parliament will follow at the end of March.

Meanwhile, 12 March 12th 2019 the Council of States in Switzerland postponed its decision on the next revision of the Copyright Act and wishes to await the EU’s legal developments. The reason for this is a controversial addition by the preliminary advisory commission: operators of Internet platforms such as Google or Facebook must in future pay a fee to media publishers if they publish their text passages and thus earn money through advertising marketing.