Extraordinary General Assembly Wikimedia

Dear Members of Wikimedia Switzerland

Because the interests of the Association demand it, the Board of Wikimedia CH is calling an Extraordinary General Assembly for December 10th,  2018 from 18:00-20:00, due to several issues that require discussion and decisions.  

This E xtraordinary General Assembly will take place electronically and you can attend via the Internet.  We will send you the details on how to register and how to access the virtual meeting room in the following emails.

The agenda items  for the Extraordinary General Assembly  are the following: 

  • Vote on changes to the bylaws (original and suggested changes  on the dedicated site in Members Wiki) 

  • Protection of Wikimedia CH reserve assets and protection against present penalties by establishing a dedicated WMCH fund in  Fondation  des Fondateurs. 

  • Presentation and approval of the 2019 budget 


For further information and detailed documents to the agenda items, please sign into your Wikimedia Members account and consult our dedicated webpage: https://members.wikimedia.ch/Extraordinary_General_Assembly_2018

General information about the General Assembly, motions and decision s can be found in our  bylaws 

Please note that only members with an active Wikimedia subscription and who have paid their yearly fee will be able to participate.

Should you require additional information regarding these items, please contact Jenny Ebermann at jenny.ebermann@wikimedia.ch.


With kind regards, 

 Bagawathram (Ram)  Maheswaran   


Board of Wikimedia CH