ETH-Bibliothek commences mass uploading campaign for photographs from the Image Archive

CC-BY-SA 4.0 ETH Library

The uploading project of ETH-Bibliothek’s Image Archive conducted in collaboration with Wikimedia CH has got underway, starting with around 350 photographs documenting two flights by Swiss aviation pioneer Walter Mittelholzer (1894–1937):

The trained photographer captured sensational aerial images of landscapes that had never been photographed from a bird’s-eye view before. Used as illustrations in his popular travel guides, the images contributed a great deal to Mittelholzer‘s fame as an aviator, photographer, adventurer and entrepreneur. From today’s perspective, the photographs are also interesting as an image source for (post-)colonial research.

  • Around 134,000 images are scheduled to be uploaded, including additional Mittelholzer photographs and other collections from the ETH-Bibliothek Image Archive’s roughly 340,000 digitised photos:
  • Additional photographs by Walter Mittelholzer from his flights over Switzerland and abroad, including Abyssinia, Kilimanjaro and Lake Chad (approx. 18,000 images)
  • Portraits of formers members and students of ETH Zurich and famous scientists (approx. 800 images)
  • Historical photographs of buildings, institutes, lecture theatres and laboratories at ETH Zurich (approx. 5,000 images)
  • The photo archives of the former Swiss airline Swissair (approx. 40,000 images)
  • Extensive aerial photograph holdings (approx. 70,000 images)

In future, we will be listing completed uploads from collections on our user page.
We look forward to you using the content provided.