KIWIX – Wikipedia offline


Knowledge is freedom and Kiwix is knowledge. With Kiwix, you can now access Wikipedia -and more- without using the internet! Simply download the program onto your computer, mobile device or a simple USB key, and off you go!

Developped in Switzerland, Kiwix is an application that downloads Wikipedia, TED talks and public domain books in a format that can be read anywhere, anytime. This means that people can have access to free knowledge in schools and libraries that cannot afford broadband internet access, but also in prisons, on the Senegalese Navy, in South African schools and in any of the 120 countries it is currently distributed.

KIWIX is free to download and runs on Android, Windows, Apple Mac OS and GNU/Linux distributions.

KIWIX in Jail

In early 2013, an unexpected partnership between the Swiss penal facility in Bellevue and Wikimedia CH took life: prisoners who request it can now access to Wikipedia offline. The idea is to stimulate or to support the interest for education of prisoners who were, for most of them, sentenced to long prison terms and have for security reasons no access to the Internet.

The project is a success: all the inmates who could requested that Wikipedia be installed on the prison’s computers. Wikimedia CH provided the Kiwix files and trained the local IT team, and now every new prisoner is offered access to the world’s largest encyclopedia if he so wishes. The project has since been rolled out across 30 prisons in Switzerland.