Frédéric Schütz Frédéric Schütz

A wikipedian since 2004, Frédéric is a founding member of Wikimedia CH and a Board member since its creation in 2006. Within the Board, he has been in charge of or involved in many projects, including governance, fundraising, recruitment and human resources – and more generally, oiling the wheels in the background to help everything run smoothly. Frédéric is also the main spokesperson for the Wikimedia movement in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

Beside Wikipedia, Frédéric works in both science and communication. A university lecturer, he is also a partner in a small agency which provide public relations services – a position that allows him to help individuals and companies work with Wikipedia, in the respect of its rules and its community.

Frédéric also has a strong background in not-for-profit management, including training in this field as well as in accounting and administration, coupled with about 40 years of cumulative presence in various not-for-profit Boards.