Successful first virtual General Assembly

On December 10th, Wikimedia Switzerland held its first ever online Extraordinary General Assembly and it was a successful event. After thorough technical testing prior to the assembly, Wikimedia members from all around Switzerland, the WMCH board and WMCH staff met at 18.00h in the virtual meeting room.

The event was moderated by the president of the board Bagawathram Maheswaran, Executive Director Jenny Ebermann and Cornelius Pietzner. On top the agenda where three main points that needed to be voted on: changes to the WMCH bylaws, protection of the Wikimedia funds and the WMCH budget 2019.

Bagawathram Maheswaran presented the first motion concerning the changes to the WMCH bylaws and a discussion followed. Several members asked questions to clarify certain points and each one was answered by the WMCH board or staff. After a short initial technical set up, the members proceeded to vote on the motion. All votes where successfully registered and the motion was accepted.

The second point on the agenda was the protection of the Wikimedia funds. Cornelius Pietzner presented the measures that needed to be taken to protect the WMCH assets and detailed the reasons and consequences. Again, after a short discussion and a round of questions, the motion was voted on, without any technical or operational issues, and passed by the voting members.

The third and final motion was the vote on the WMCH budget for 2019. Wikimedia CH Executive Director Jenny Ebermann presented the new budget plan in detail and explained some of the main projects the WMCH team is working on, as well as some of the new developments for next year. The budget was then voted on and passed with a large majority, indicating the trust into Wikimedia Switzerland’s direction and strategy.

The Extraordinary General Assembly was scheduled for two hours and right on time, at 20.00h, the session concluded.

The Wikimedia CH team would like to thank all the WMCH members and board members, Bagawathram Maheswaran, Cornelius Pietzner and the technical team for their participation and efforts to make the first virtual EGA a success.