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Thank you for supporting Wikimedia Switzerland, an independent non-profit organization that supports Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects. Our job is to provide easy access to reliable information- and we do this free of charge and free of advertising. However, we need to cover our costs with donations.

Your donations directly support some of the most popular collaboratively-edited reference projects in the world, including Wikipedia, one of the world’s top ten most popular websites and the largest encyclopedia ever compiled in human history.

Please support our work through a financial contribution! Donations to Wikimedia Switzerland are tax deductible. For more information please refer to Tax Deduction.

What do you plan to do with my donation?

As Wikimedia founder Jimmy Wales put it: “Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.”

Wikimedia is not a traditional organization. It’s a global movement. The core of the work is done by thousands of volunteers worldwide. This volunteer community is supported by a network of organizations.

Wikimedia Switzerland is an essential part of this network, and is responsible to support itself and initiate projects of value for its Swiss public and beyond.

These are some of the activities we’re focused on right now:

  • Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia
  • Kiwix, an offline version of Wikipedia
  • Wikicommons, a multimedia database
  • Wikibooks, a collection of textbooks
  • Wikimed, an offline medical encyclopedia
  • Wikinews, a free, neutral news source

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